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Success Stories

Global Property Inspections would love to tell you what it's like to own your own business, but it would be much more powerful if you heard about it from some of our most successful franchisees.

Todd NewhookTodd Newhook

Todd Newhook was in the IT corporate world for 20 years before purchasing his GPI franchise. He was involved with renovating his own home and had a passion for tools. But it soon got to the point that his friends were hiring him for renovations and referring him to their friends.

John HamiltonJohn Hamilton

Passion nearly always produces results. At least, that’s the way it is for GPI inspector John Hamilton. In the 25 years that John was in sales and marketing for a national wine importing company, he really had a passion for property. He built and remodeled nearly half a dozen homes, living in them and then selling the real estate.


Each franchise location is independently owned and operated.

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