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GPI Marketing Support

GPI’s full-time, dedicated marketing team is available to help you implement and follow our marketing plan, develop marketing materials and strategies, and broaden your reach with tactics like social media marketing. During your initial training at the GPI Business and Inspection Training Academy, you will receive two days of marketing and sales training, including networking, social media marketing, promoting your business and digital marketing. Then, you will receive ongoing support from our experienced marketing team as long as you are a franchise owner:

  • Our marketing coach has a proven record and hands-on experience in soliciting business from the real estate community and will help you get your business started and on track.
  • Our marketing manager is available to help you with multiple aspects of marketing, including your website, social media marketing, and marketing programs and software.
  • Additional help is available for search engine optimization (SEO), Google AdWords campaigns and more.

In addition, we have a relationship with a design firm that offers a discount to our franchise owners for graphic design, complex website changes and more.


The GPI Hub: An Innovative Marketing Platform

The GPI Hub is a marketing software platform that offers multiple benefits. Each franchise owner has a subscription to the GPI Hub, and GPI pays the costs and fees associated with the platform:

  • The GPI Hub email platform provides an easy-to-use, reliable way to send information to contact lists.
  • The Review section of the GPI Hub allows users to gather and manage customer reviews and post them on their websites.
  • The Offer section of the GPI Hub allows users to create coupons and special offers that they can send their contacts or post on social networks.
  • The Giveaway section of the GPI Hub allows users to create contests to promote your business through multiple channels.
  • The Publish section of the GPI Hub allows users to create original blog content that they can distribute via multiple channels.

The first phase of the GPI Hub solution launched in early 2016. Upcoming phases of the solution will include new ways to promote  content, obtain customer feedback, streamline the sales process, and collect payments.

Additional Marketing Programs

When you join GPI, you receive your own website, which you can easily update and customize, and our marketing team is available to help you with your website. In addition, you will receive your own GPI email address at no cost.


Our franchise owners have access to our online social media calendar, which provides four posts a day planned at least two weeks in advance, so you can schedule your social media posts quickly and easily. We also offer assistance if you have trouble setting up business pages, registering for directories, or need additional help with social media marketing.


The GPI marketing team also schedules frequent webinars to help franchise owners stay up to date on marketing tactics, learn about vendors that may offer helpful solutions, and learn from other franchise owners about what’s working well for their businesses.

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Each franchise location is independently owned and operated.

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