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Todd Newhook

Todd Newhook
GPI Franchise Owner

An overview of Global Property Inspections’ commercial building and home inspector training program, where we guide you each step of the way.


Technical training makes you an inspector. Business training and support make you successful. When you become a Global Property Inspections franchise owner, you’ll attend the two-week GPI Business and Inspection Training Academy, where you will receive comprehensive classroom training followed by up to 40 hours of field training with an existing GPI franchise owner. We give you the help, training and support to succeed in your inspection business.


The First Steps on Your Path to Becoming a Home Inspector

When you first contact GPI, we’ll acquaint you with any inspector licensing requirements applicable in your province. Your training with GPI will meet the requirements of licensing provinces.


Depending on your circumstances, GPI may provide you with certain reading materials or exercises to complete before you arrive in Omaha for training. And, our training and support does not end when you leave Omaha: We provide seven-days-a-week technical support, ongoing marketing training and support, and an annual conference where you can connect with other franchise owners and learn from our experts.


State-of-the-art Technology Training

Although commercial building and home inspections are what we do, the business of property inspection involves technology. At GPI, we begin your education with computer and software training. When you become a GPI franchise owner, we’ll provide you with a tablet computer that you’ll use to conduct inspections and operate your business. In our technology training courses, you’ll learn how to comfortably use your tablet to access our proprietary inspection software, how to access and use your business website, and how to use the software tools we provide to get your business up and running.


During this training, you’ll learn how to use our proprietary inspection software, Inform, to perform and generate inspection reports. Inform is an inspection software tool that walks you through the inspection. During your Inform training, you’ll build and use various inspection templates; access the many standard phrases and drop-down boxes within the software, which streamline the inspection process and make report-writing easier; and learn how to easily incorporate photos into your reports.


Proven Sales and Marketing Training

Learning the business of property inspection is paramount to success. In GPI’s sales and marketing courses, you’ll learn proper sales and marketing techniques unique to the inspection industry. Our experts will teach you how to use your business website, social media marketing, our proprietary strategies, and our automated sales and marketing tools to benefit your business. You will also learn how to use your tablet computer to access the marketing and sales programs available with your website. These courses will teach you how to grow and operate your inspection business on a day-to-day basis.


Top-notch Technical Training

Global Property Inspections provides training for its franchise owners in both commercial building inspections and home inspections. Most home inspector training programs only provide training for residential homes, but with GPI, you can diversify your business by also performing commercial inspections. Our two-week GPI Business and Inspection Training Academy provides comprehensive classroom technical training in in all aspects of property inspection. After you complete the classroom training, we'll match you up with an established GPI inspector in your area for up to 40 hours of field training, where you'll go on inspections and gain the experience needed to start your own business.

Each day of your training, you will participate in an educational session led by highly skilled instructors in their respective trades. Our instructors are individuals who know how to teach technical inspection material and who understand the business of property inspection. You’ll receive education in the following areas:


Electrical. Learn proper inspection procedures for inspector safety. You will learn to identify proper wiring techniques, grounding and bonding; how to properly identify service wires; how to access panels and disconnects; and how to use inspection test equipment. GPI will also teach you how to properly state issues in your inspection report.


Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC). GPI’s expert instructor will teach you how to determine whether HVAC system components are operating within industry standards. You’ll become a better and more competent inspector once you know how to identify various systems and what to look for, and once you understand, for example, what the refrigerant is doing, what direction it is flowing, and what the various components of a furnace or air conditioner do.


Plumbing. When it comes to plumbing, there is a lot more to know than just whether something leaks. GPI’s plumbing training course will teach you about the various types of plumbing materials, proper pitch, drainage, fittings, pressure and flow. You will learn what to look for and how to comment about your observations in your inspection report.


Structural Elements. Footings, foundations, framing techniques, doors, windows, siding and roofing — when it comes to a building or home’s structure, there is a lot to know about and look for. After nearly 30 years of training inspectors, GPI knows how to present the structural training material in a clear and concise manner, at a pace that makes it enjoyable and understandable.


Commercial Inspections. When you become a GPI franchise owner, you’ll also attend our commercial inspection training so you can diversify your business by performing commercial building inspections. Apartments, warehouses, office buildings, restaurants, light industrial — the opportunities to use your skills as a commercial property inspector are endless. Learn who our commercial clients are, what they want to know about a building, how to use GPI’s commercial report templates, and where to find and how to solicit commercial clients.


Technical Summary. On most technical training days, a quiz at the end of the session will help measure what you’ve learned and boost your confidence. At the end of training, you’ll take our final exam, which is designed to prepare you for the National Home Inspector Examination or your province's exam.


Field Training With an Experienced Inspector

GPI’s training goes beyond inspector-led classroom training exercises, enabling you to go out on real inspections with actual customers and real estate agents. Once you complete your classroom training in Omaha, our team will work with you to facilitate ride-along training in the field with an experienced GPI inspector. You’ll submit practice inspection reports to our team, and we’ll review and critique those reports for you.


After you return home, you’ll also work with our marketing coach and marketing team to develop plans and strategies that will help your business succeed.


GPI Provides Ongoing Support

Day to day, GPI is available to help you with any technical, sales, marketing, computer, website or software questions you may have. Our technical team is available seven days a week to answer your inspection-related questions, and our full-time marketing team offers ongoing sales and marketing support.



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